Our Work

Transit and Real-time Communication

The Transit and Real-time Communications team (TRC) is responsible for providing accurate MBTA service data to riders—including subway arrival predictions, schedules, and any service disruptions. We develop and maintain products that give riders the information they need through GTFS, give external developers access to this same data through our API, and give the MBTA’s Operations department control over one of our largest communication channels: the in-station countdown clocks.


The MBTA’s website is a key component of the Authority’s communications to riders. Our team includes designers, developers, writers, and product managers who build tools and resources riders need to plan trips, learn about improvements to service and operations, and to see how they can become active participants in the system.

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Bus Realtime

We are constantly improving how we track buses for riders and front-line officials. We’ve built modern software architecture around important legacy dispatch hardware, and deployed creative approaches—such as using beacons to track buses in tunnels, and retooling automated passenger counters to give live crowding data to riders—to make real-time bus information more accurate for riders and MBTA employees.


Skate is a new web application that we designed and built in collaboration with Bus Operations. Skate gives bus officials access to the real time information that they need to manage bus service wherever they are, whether they are sitting at a desk in a garage, standing at a station platform talking with customers, or in a car.

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Fare Transformation

The CTD Fares Transformation team is responsible for helping MBTA riders find the best way to pay for transit—a critical step in their access to bus, subway, commuter rail, and ferry service. In particular, this team manages and develops some of the interim solutions between the current and future fare system. Our team of developers, product managers, analysts, and sales people focus on ensuring riders can easily find and understand the easiest and most cost-effective way to purchase the fares they need now and in the future.


The Screens team delivers real-time information to MBTA riders in stations, at bus stops, and on vehicles. Our researchers, designers, developers, and product/project managers are uncovering new use cases for screens in stations, designing new informational experiences in stations, piloting new hardware, and building the software that supports these ideas.